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Color Coronal (Kirlian) spectral analysis shows the level of the education in IAGEHDr. Ignat Ignatov In International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization (IAGEH)…
Dr. Ignat Ignatov | 17/11/2012
Our body is made up of more than 100.000 billion of cells. The cells of the physical body are dependent on their nature and reaction on the information that is available for them. Each reaction takes approximately 1 nanosecond and releases an avalanche of long lasting aftereffects (photons) (Prof. Popp). Biophotons are bearer of the information from cell to cell. The intelligence of the human being selects the opportunities from the stored information available. In the course of time psychic traumas can block emotions and by doing so misinformation is stored and sent from cell to cell. Misinformation reduces consciousness. A reduction of consciousness leads to diseases.
Mandy Protze-Kälberer | 1/6/2012
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