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Lecture on the euromedica Hannover 1. Juni 2012

IAGEH International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization
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Mandy Protze-Kälberer
International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization (IAGEH)
Waldbreitbach, Germany

New chances in psychosomatic treatment

Our body is made up of more than 100.000 billion of cells. The cells of the physical body are dependent on their nature and reaction on the information that is available for them. Each reaction takes approximately 1 nanosecond and releases an avalanche of long lasting aftereffects (photons) (Prof. Popp). Biophotons are bearer of the information from cell to cell. The intelligence of the human being selects the opportunities from the stored information available. In the course of time psychic traumas can block emotions and by doing so misinformation is stored and sent from cell to cell. Misinformation reduces consciousness. A reduction of consciousness leads to diseases. Thus, misinformation disturbs the regulation systems. Cells are the basic physical und functional units of the organism. They are able to take up, rebuild, and release substances and so are a vital part of the metabolism. Every second many millions of cells collapse or are formed again. The birth of the cell takes one day; every cell contains 50-70 million of information units. On an average 100.000 chemical reactions take place in one cell every second.

The information, which the matter or its oscillation contains, can be changed. By altering information you can dissolve existing emotional blockades. The basic cause of the misinformation of these emotional blockades is stored on the molecular level of the body-spirit-system. In this context the materialized or physical body functions as a resonance area. The human physical body and its corresponding information are in resonance to each other on the quantum level. So there is an equivalent in the matrix for every single emotional blockade. By dissolving the emotional blockade the consciousness of the human body expands, the summary of selectable opportunities alters. Thereby God is the universal norm, the spirit is the actual observer and therefore the brain is the place where the information of the spirit is stored.

Eighty percent of our brain is water, our blood consists 92 percent of water. The cores swim in our cells and in the cores you will find our genetic material. Also among the cells there is water. The water or body fluid of the human being is liable to the laws of thermodynamics and to the entropy. Heat or thermal emission is a disorderly form of energy with entropy. If you give heat to a system, you raise its entropy. The energy stored in the mitochondria alters, the physical work increases. Thereby energy always flows to the place of lower energy. That is the place of lower temperature. With well-directed energy supply or with taking energy, water oscillations can be either eliminated or induced. If we take energy well-directed, we eliminate the waves in the body that contain the pathogenic information. If we give energy, we can memorize healthful information in the organism.
Both, the elimination and the reprogramming spread in the water of the body and affect the organism.

How does self-bio-influence work?
According to the MPK-methodic®, the person with bio-abilities gets aware of the pathogenic misinformation and localizes the basic cause in the biophysical fields. The blocked emotion is harmonized by the bond to the Great Spirit and therefore it is eliminated. Misinformation is made aware to the treated person in order to get a learning effect. The information given by the Great Sprit is memorized at the same time. According to the disease, an equalization of energy will take place. This happens with a special way of breathing. The person with bio-abilities is able to increase his energy many times over and so self-healing forces in the body of the other person are stimulated.

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