IAGEH Education outline course A - IAGEH International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization

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IAGEH Education outline course A

Education outline

Education outlines
IAGEH International Academy of Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization
MPK School for self-healing and harmonization

Mandy Maria Protze-Kälberer, head of The International Academy of Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization (IAGEH) has the commitment to teach her knowledge to persons who like to extend their fine-material senses. The IAGEH addresses those students willing to heal themselves and to help others.

The education lasts a year. In this time the theory and practise of the GeEnergetic Harmonization
® with the MPK-methodic ® is given to you and energetic abilities for self-healing are trained and practised. You will be accompanied and supported energetically for the whole study period by Mandy Maria. Your abilities are constantly brought forward and controlled by scientific researches and bioenergetic measurements.
After end of the education you will receive a document from the academy which entitles you to take the title “GeEnergetiker ® IAGEH”.

Contents / extract of the education outlines

  • Health / causes for illnesses

  • Food and energy

  • Information of the aura

  • Aura seeing

  • Rising of sensitive abilities

  • Concentrating energy

  • GeEnergetic activation of self-healing forces with the MPK-methodic ®

  • Self-reflection / reflection of situation

  • Law of the resonance / dogmas

  • Clearing

  • Internal adjustment

  • Mind healing and harmonization

  • Bioinformative influence by laying on hands

  • Contributing to an energy circle

Condition for the final certificate: the active participation in all seminar days, in the examinations and measurements, forwarding a documentation of your personal development during the study time, showing will to the self-reflection, the participation in the distant exercises as well as the entire payment of the cost of studying. Missed education hours can be made up after arrangement.

Course fee: 2800 euros per practical training year. Alternatively the amount can be paid by ten instalments per 285 euros (2850 euros). 
In the course fee are included the seminar days in Waldbreitbach incl. break snacks and drinks, the intensive training days in Glockscheid as well as different distant exercises and the energetic care by  Mandy Protze-Kälberer. The costs for journey, lodging and meals at the seminar days must be taken by the students themselves. In the year of education all students take part in scientific researches and measurements to check up their abilities. The costs for the scientific measurements are not included in the education price.  

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