About Mandy Maria - Head of the IAGEH - IAGEH International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization

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About Mandy Maria - Head of the IAGEH

Mandy Maria in the portrait

In the earliest childhood Mandy Maria
showed extrasensory abilities. She perceived energetic oscillations sent out by people in her surroundings. She could see what a person suffered from and spontaneous partial healings appeared in her presence.

After studying naturopathy and psychology, she developed the MPK- methodic® and is full member of Naturopathy without borders (European Union Naturopathy without borders, European scientific society. Mandy Maria finished different education and training courses in the area of healing to perfect her knowledge and she took numerous scientific tests. Sie's author in "The Wisdom of Healing".

To her it is a heart's desire to pass her knowledge according to divine order down to other people. Thus she founded the International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization (IAGEH)
coexistent to her naturopathy and psychotherapy praxis existing for a long time. The school’s intention is to offer a basic spiritual and energetic education as "GeEnergetiker®" and courses for advanced learners. Education outline

Scientific tests / certificates

Spectral analysis of water DNES, developed by Prof. Anton Antonov, developed further by Dr. Ignat Ignatov. The method DNES registers the influencing of water in the give and take mode in microelectronvolt. The measurements show, how activated energy of the energy-giving / energy-taking person can cause direct changes in water tests and with that, because the human body exists to 80% of water, illnesses can be cured. Mandy Maria
reached a phenomenal result. The energy of her lies in the giving and taking mode with an actual energy total of -14,0 microelectronvolts. 
The energy of Mandy Maria shows a harmony of yin and yang. The ability of the biophysical energy transfer lies at the highest level. 

An analysis of the Kirlian aura proved that Mandy Maria has a total homogeneous Corona, with the colours indigo-blue and violet. The aura shows blue distant trains, an indicator for abilities that are connected with the fourth dimension – time. The bioelectric photon emission is 3.00 eV. The aura has got a spotted halo what points to a wide radiation spectrum.

Kirlian effects
Kirlian gallery

In the Scientific and Research Centre of Medical Biophysics in Sofia the Kirlian aura of Mandy Maria
and a person was measured before and after a healing process by biophysical influence. The aura of the thumb of the treated person rose from 9.7 mm to 13.7 mm. The aura of Mandy Maria expanded from 12.7 to 14.3 mm. Prof. Ignat Ignatov certifies a unique change effect on the treated person.

In a distant experiment from Waldbreitbach to Sofia in May 2013, the influencing of water was measured by the DNES method. Mandy Maria achieved the best result in the world.

The president of the National organisation "The Health" in Russia, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrej G. Lee, certified Mandy Maria
extraordinary abilities of biophysical influencing.

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