MPK 7 Energies® - IAGEH International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization

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MPK 7 Energies®

MPK 7 Energies® are seven exercise for harmonization of the meridian- and chakra-energy. All my knowledge and scientific findings of the different teachings in naturopathy, Yoga and Qigong are introduced. The MPK 7 Energies® have a holistic effect and can be practiced from every human in every stage of life or level. The number of repetition varies from the personal level. If you do the exercises continuously, the MPK 7 Energies® will improve the mobility of your body and the blood circulation.

They strengthen and stretch the musculature and improve your digestion, they activate the seven endocrine glands and so optimize the concentration of hormones in your blood. A well-blanced hormonesystem gives you an inner feeling of harmony and balance. If all chakras are in accordance to each other, your body and your spirit will stay young, the ageing process will be reduced.
If you like to take part in the MPK 7 Energies®, please apply by telephone. The number of participants is limited. 
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