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IAGEH International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Harmonization
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The student's group healer IAGEH 2011 of the International Academy for Spiritual-Energetic Healing has finished its education year successfully.

The graduates are in the toplist according to the results in the scientific tests of the Scientific
Research Center of Medical Biophysics  (SRCMB).

According to the new results of the scientific tests, Mandy Protze-Kälberer belongs to the top of the toplist of all tested healers worldwide.
The celebration and handing over of the certificates is on 5th December at 7 p.m. in the sportshotel Hertling in Waldbreitbach. The head of the SRCMB, Dr. Ignat Ignatov, will hand out the scientific test results personally.

At the same time the St. Ivan Rilski Price will be handed over to Mandy Protze-Kälberer for outstanding abilities in the art of healing and phenomenal biophysical results of her academy in the scientific projects.

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